Argumentative Essay: All the Nuances to Know

If you were facing difficulties with answering the question of how to start an argumentative essay, we are going to discuss this topic in detail. Let’s start with preparing for writing an argumentative essay. As it is not possible without a clear understanding of what this type of article should feature, we might need to define an argumentative essay.

In an argumentative essay, two contradicting positions on the controversial issue are stated and supported by evidence and arguments. One side can be presented more forcefully than the other or both positions can be presented equally balanced.

The first step in preparing for crafting an argumentative essay is finding an interesting topic. It can be taken, for instance, from the headline of a newspaper, a talk at the library, university and so on. If you have already chosen on the topic, take a closer look at the main problem that interests you to determine the opposing points of view. You might need to explain why your viewpoint has a right to exist to be able to use evidence to prove or disprove for or against the exact viewpoint.

For instance, when crafting an argumentative essay about bullying, you can undertake a topic about reasons for bullying at specific schools. The viewpoints may state that either poverty and lack of social protection or bad home family education are the possible reasons for bullying.


What an Argumentative Essay Should Look Like

#1 Catchy Hook to Draw Readers’ Attention. Argumentative Essay Example

When thinking about how to start an argumentative essay, you need to start it with a catchy introduction. Similar to any other type of essay, the introduction of the argumentative essay is expected to include a hook, a thought that grabs the reader's attention. What can it be? You can start your piece with any of the following elements:

  • a joke,
  • a funny or engaging story of your own life,
  • a quote,
  • an interesting statistic and so on.

At the beginning of an argumentative essay, there should also be given the background of the essay that will make the context more understandable to the readers. It is crucial to explain why the selected topic is important and why it is controversial.

#2 Clear and Laconic Thesis Statement.

A hook and thesis statement together is called an introduction. After the hook, there should be written a comprehensive thesis statement. One sentence is enough for summing up the message you are going to deliver to the reader. While it is your thesis statement, it may still be potentially argued against by the reader.


#3 Constructive Body Section with the Stated and Opposite Viewpoint.Argumentative Essay

The thesis statement is a specific position regarding the assigned topic that, according to your opinion, has more rights to exist.

However, opinion is worthless alone because everyone can have an opinion. The stated opinion has to be supported by respective facts, examples, statistics, personal experience, or authoritative sources.

After the main point of view is explained, you will also need to work against the stated point of view proving why it is correct by counterarguments, for instance, real facts and examples. You simply need to go into more detail about the opposite side of the topic (they should be only two) and state the most convincing points of the opposite opinion on the issue.

Revealing the "other" side is no less important than describing your viewpoint. In order to disprove the main viewpoint, you might need to use the strongest evidence from the research.

#4 Body Paragraphs Should Include Evidence

When talking about evidential support, a good argumentative essay may include such kinds of evidence as factual, logical, statistical, or anecdotal support.

No matter how convincing the thesis statement sounds, it has to be supported by reasonable and truthful evidence. It is better to provide each argument supported by evidence in separate paragraphs. This will add some clarity and ease of readability to the argumentative essay.

Remember to connect each paragraph in the main section to the point of view you are trying to prove. When connecting some evidence with the thesis statement or opposite viewpoint, you might need to explain which way and for what reason the evidence might support the revealed opinion.

The evidence has to explain the exact viewpoint, with no misunderstandings. Just think about how unethical it is when someone gives the readers evidence that is not able to support the thesis. Note that no matter how many arguments you make to support the stated viewpoint, an argumentative essay should still contain various, that is, opposite viewpoints.

Write a Conclusion Is Not an Easy Deal

When thinking how to start a conclusion for an argumentative essay, take into account advice that conclusion should not repeat the thesis, but restate it based on the evidential support. When thinking about how to start an argumentative essay, think about writing the conclusion in advance.

While some students underestimate the meaning of conclusion, this section of the argumentative essay makes the biggest impression on the readers. If you were wondering how to start a conclusion in an argumentative essay, remember that it has to be effective and logical synthesizing the information included in the main section of the argumentative essay.

Summing Up

When writing an argumentative essay, remember that the provided information has to be well-researched, accurate and as much detailed as possible. The more detailed, well-rounded an argumentative essay, the more convincing it will sound.