Social Media Bullying: Hot Topic for Your Essay

With the development of technologies, more and more people choose virtual communication to real interaction. It is faster and easier, and there’s no need in overcoming your shyness to be popular.

Along with apparent advantages, excessive use of social media is causing bullying among teenagers.

Being a student, you may be asked to compose some social media and cyber bullying essay, short stories or articles. You probably feel confused about it – the task requires responsibility and awareness,

How to stay emphatic and rational at the same time? How to keep a strict structure and impress readers? To achieve the best result, go through the tips of writing and useful information on the subject.

Why It Is Important?

Internet communication is enriching by new users every day, as well as the extent of the problem. Some years ago experts were wondering, does social media cause bullying and should we worry at all. Now the trouble is obvious and reached a global scale.

The main problem is anonymity on the Internet. Earlier parents could explain their children the consequences of misbehavior and warn against rowdiness. Nowadays you can abuse anybody and stay unpunished. This way society lost its control under teenagers.

The trouble appeared earlier than one can imagine and spread on two generations. Young people who grew in a company of their computers have already become parents.

Haven’t found a solution themsel"ves, they cannot save their children from cyber bullying through social media and video. Some of them still tell their children “not to worry” instead of protecting them.

Another two-edged sword is online publicity. Imagine the situation: you fell out with your friend and write a hate comment on his or her Facebook post, or shared some secrets online.

The next day you apologize and things settle down. But what happened online, stays here forever. Other people may catch the situation and continue insulting the person. It spread faster than your think and one act of offense leads to a wave of hate.

How to Write an Essay on Cyberbullying in Social Media

Now you see, the issue is worth discussing. To express thoughts logically, revise the basic rules of writing.

  • Step 1. Analyze the topic.
    Try to form your attitude and narrow the issue to a certain storyline. For example, you can develop some tips about how can social media bullying be prevented.
  • Step 2. Write the introduction.
    It is the shortest, but the most important part. Write 1-2 sentences to outline the topic, then provide the thesis – your own opinion, which will form the next parts. Your goal is to defend it during the essay and bring a reader to your view.
  • Step 3. Body.
    Start with the argument to explain your thesis. It should be short, no more than 2 sentences. Then, give an example – evidence that proves your rightness. In this case, you can turn to statistics on social media bullying or the story from your personal life. Nearly 30% of teenagers are victims of abuse on the Internet, so you’ll surely revise such a situation.
  • Step 4. Conclusion
    Rewrite the thesis after you proved it, give short advice or a guideline and put some morals. Don’t be scared of seeming too emotional. An essay is all about personality and feelings, especially when it touches a painful topic.
  • Step 5. Remember the goal
    Such a hot issue is given to develop students’ involvement and make them think of their behavior. From this point of view, the essay is a way to improve your awareness.

How to Cope With Cyber Bullying Article?

Students usually associate articles with something more serious and complex than an ordinary essay. You may spend plenty of time procrastinating and trying to put things together.

Indeed, there are some peculiarities. Keeping them in mind, you won’t find any difficulties.

  • Do it for the audience
    The only person who will read your essay is the examiner. You write it to be evaluated. The situation is completely different with the article. You do it for the audience, so it should be useful, actual and readable. Take it into account choosing the words and the topic.
  • It requires specificity
    The article has to be evidence-based. Instead of sharing your own stories, look for facts: social media cyber bullying statistics and laws can be easily found on official government websites or professional sources. For example, you can tell about local governments' resolution against cyber bullying.
  • Make more researches
    A local library would be enough for a small essay. But writing an article, use more ways to find information on bullying via social media among teenagers. Give yourself time to read and note as much as possible. Sometimes it may change the whole idea and give you a fresh course.
  • Check it one more time
    A good article should be easy to acquire. Read it several times, let your friends check the readability with the fresh view. You are to get a high-quality product full of interesting information.

Cyberbullying through social media is a global problem that ruins the mental health of young people. We are to find a solution and put an end to it. The accessible way for you is writing essays and articles. It helps to spread the information and make people think of the solution.

Don’t be scared of such tasks – treat them as a way to make the world better.