Violence Essay: How to Cope with Thorny Subject

Gun violence is a global problem affecting the lives of millions of people. In countries licensed for firearms, people can never be sure of their safety. Terrifying, isn't it? With a rise of non-violence movements, students get tasks to write an essay about violence as frequently as cyber bullying argumentative essay. Well, such a painful topic is pretty hard to be opened.

School Violence Essay: Where to Begin?

Before getting down to work, attach your priorities. To save time and obtain a high-quality essay on gun violence, you may turn to professional writing service. You’ll promptly get unique composition with all the necessary editing.

But don’t panic — maintaining the ground rules of writing, you’ll succeed on your own. There are some of them:

Pin Down With the Topic

You are given a wide subject for discussion, so choose a particular side of it.

  • To speak up more personal opinion, analyze what are the causes of youth violence in an essay. Media, especially tv, commonly are blamed for the negative impact;
  • Don’t be scared of bringing up a shouted dilemma. “Do video games cause violence" essay guarantees food for reflection;
  • Essay on domestic violence contains topics such as generation gap, juvenile crime, and family well-being;
  • Turn your “violence against women” essay into the manifesto of equal rights. Or do you have counter-opinion? A hot topic to discuss!

Choosing the topic helps to concentrate on a particular issue and model a personal attitude. Just refresh any case of gun violence from public life or your own experience and write what you think of it.

Stay Fact-Based

While writing a violence essay, you risk either seeming indifferent to such a hot-button issue or turning subjective.

So, appeal to facts. Using statistics is a thing. Make some research on the Gun Violence Archive — free database for every incident of gun violence in the United States.

There you can also find an archive with crime reports for the last 72 hours. Using them as an argument would cost you much time.

Your goal here is keeping the balance: your piece of work is a way to influence public opinion. In this case, triggering emotions is a thing. Despite this, you are ought to include an argument, supported by an example.

The Structure Is Half the Battle

domestic violence essay topicsEvery good essay consists of 3 sequential parts, connected by logical and stylistic means.

What are they?

  • Introduction

    Outline the topic — is it about domestic or school violence? Starting with a quote makes your essay look argumentative. Outline what will you talk about. Then, the main part — your thesis. You are to speak up your attitude to an issue.

    Example: “I’m sure that child aggression is caused by the environment and consequently is a social problem”.

  • Body

    The first sentence is an argument to your thesis:

    Example: “Children can pick up violence from a parent or guardian at an early age. Peers are also important in a child’s life” — this way you start to prove the thesis with the reasons.

    Then, provide an example or two:

    Example: “If a babysitter is listening to music that contains violent lyrics or profanity, they should not be shocked if the child copies it” — it is an example of a destructive environment for a child.

    Examples can be taken from your personal life, which makes them more impressive, or from social life — news, TV, or even history. Using an appropriate example, you make the thesis reasonable.

  • Conclusion

    The most common life hack is to rewrite an introduction as if you proved it. It works: remind of your thesis, using another wording.

    Put a bit of morals. Look at nice conclusion in cyber bullying argumentative essay. According to it, the essay is a way to prevent youth violence. Think of how taking on a noble mission makes your work more convincing.

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Who Can Help You With Essay About Violence

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If you decide on working yourself, keep in mind, that essay is not about rewriting other student’s texts, especially talking about gun violence. Such kind of task is given to form young people’s awareness and make them think of solving the problem.

So, show that you care. Explain why you are writing about violence, how important it is for you. Weapon crime is a painful topic, thus take it to heart. Being drawn by the issue, it would be a way easier to explain your opinion.

Aside from which way you choose, good luck in your writing!